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The Global Open Science Hardware (GOSH) movement seeks to reduce barriers between diverse creators and users of scientific tools to support the pursuit and growth of knowledge. These are our principles:

GOSH is accessible

Anyone can create, obtain, study, modify, distribute, use, and share designs of open science hardware projects.

Tools are open, free (libre), and licensed as such.

Our documents are understandable and communicative.

We share rather than act territorially.

For socioeconomic accessibility, materials are lowest cost and easy to obtain whenever possible.

Open Science Hardware is maintainable and repairable.

We follow the beliefs already established by open source software, free software, open science, and open hardware movements.

GOSH makes science better

Scientific experiments using open hardware are more reproducible, more comparable, and more likely to be replicated.

Comparing data across sectors, standards, and countries is more likely when using open hardware.

Reproducibility is a hallmark of good science, and open science hardware allows for greater reproducibility.

Open science hardware makes more science.

1,000 heads are better than 1.

GOSH is ethical

People have a right to knowledge, and thus a right to the tools to gain that knowledge.

Users align their technologies with their values by becoming creators.

The benefits of science should be shared with everyone, and cause no harm.

Open science hardware is open to everybody, without considerations of scholarly background, country, race, sex, or religion and does not tolerate discrimination on these grounds.

GOSH is used for peaceful purposes.

GOSH changes the culture of science

We advocate for open science, which requires open science hardware.

We move science toward communal, accessible, and collaborative practices, and away from territorial, proprietary, institutional, and individualistic practices.

We create more options for people to pursue research, both inside existing institutions (academia, NGOs, government, non-profit, start-up, business) and outside institutions altogether.

We make spaces for science beyond established institutions (e.g. academia and NGOs) so there are more options for research trajectories.

We broaden the methods of pursuing way we do science, so the ways of knowing from a wide range of people are part of knowledge creation, now and in the future.

GOSH democratizes science

More people and more types of people can take part in and benefit from science.

We break silos, both between disciplines and between types of institutions, bridging different domains of knowledge—you don’t have to be a “biologist” to do biology, or have a degree to do research.

Open science hardware decreases the divide between the global north and south, professionals and amateurs, particularly in low incomes countries.

Open science hardware puts local knowledge in action and contributes to cognitive justice.

Open science hardware allows a diversity of values and voices to ask research questions and to make technology.

GOSH has no high priests

We have community champions, not a central authority.

We are an active community invested in shared accomplishments.

We build on each other’s work rather than work in isolation.

The more, the merrier.

GOSH empowers people

To pursue research based on their interests.

To pursue research based on the needs of their communities.

To conduct research through many forms of support (including financial, personnel, time, material supports)

To achieve their ideas at low cost.

To understand how their tools work through borrowing, building, and sharing technology.

To have technological transparency and public oversight.

To build a movement.

GOSH has no black boxes

(”Black boxes” refer to any complex piece of equipment with contents that are mysterious to the user.
Technologies are open source.)

Through borrowing, building, and sharing technology, we understand how our tools work.

Building GOSH is a form of learning by doing.

Open Science Hardware increases technological transparency and public oversight.

GOSH is impactful tools

Technologies are adaptable and therefore can directly address local social and technical needs.

There is a direct link between what a community of users needs and science hardware because the community of users can access, change, adapt, and use the tools.

Open science hardware allows users to post knowledge and results early and often, allowing tools to be agile and responsive.

Open science hardware is designed to scale.

GOSH allows multiple futures for science

Research can happen in or out of the academy, in or out of the lab, in or out of commercial spaces.

GOSH changes the norms within established, institutional science where researchers openly share knowledge and technology.

With GOSH Indigenous/Non-scientist peoples can make research in their native language and adapted to their local context.

GOSH allows science to happen in places it would not usually happen.

GOSH aims to make cultural change so these opportunities are intergenerational.

Sign the GOSH Manifesto

Anyone can join the Global Open Science Hardware movement! Undersigning this document means that you desire and aspire to work towards the principles outlined in the GOSH Manifesto.


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590Domingo Gallardo SaavedraChileiow Labs
589Antonio de Jesus Anaya HernandezMexicoInternet of Production Alliance
588Samuel DuahGhanaAfrica OSH
587Paula Te
586Aruna ManipuraSri LankaIndependent STEM Promoter/Chemical Engineer
585辰威 王China13188380925
584Nathan ParkerUnited StatesInternet of Production
583Jan-Maarten Luursemathe NetherlandsNutshell Biohub
582Benjamin MossUKImperial College London
581Aruna ManipuraSri LankaIndependent Science Educator
580Sven KlinkowGermany
579Jirapat ThaweechuenThailand
578Santiago PolopArgentina
577Yorgo El MoubayedFranceiGEM
576David FabianHungaryCLLD-developer
575Moritz MaxeinerGermanyFree University Berlin
574Andrés mañana
573Alejandro GuevaraUruguayUdelaR
572José Ramón Martínez BatlleDominican RepublicUniversidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo (UASD)
571Frank BentumGhanaAfrica Open Science & Hardware
570Russell forrestUnited States
569Andrew ThalerUnited StatesBlackbeard Biologic
568Barbara SchackDenmarkInternet of Production
567Valentina Vargas TorresChilePontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
566Joan BoverEspanya
565Paul McCabeUnited States
564Norma C.India
563Alejandro Carrillo GómezMéxicoCentro de Investigación en Ciencias de la Información Geoespacial CentroGeo
562Carissa, Hui Ying CheowSingaporeHyan Technologies Pte Ltd
561George StoneAustralia
560Haneef RehmanPakistanUniversity of Turbat
559Ndimwibo Innocent UgandaModel Youths Initiative
558Thamsanqa MpofuZimbabweBrig Labs
557Hamid KHAYARChadChad Innovation Hub
556MARIA LIUnited Kingdom
555Guido MarconiArgentinaUNC-CONICET
554Daniel OdongoUgandaAmara Hub
553Samuel Paredes
552Julian CholletGermanymikroBIOMIK.org
551Sebastian WendelGermanyCurious Community Labs e. V.
550Sophie NgassaCameroonTechWomen
549James BrennerUnited StatesFlorida Institute of Technology
548Michael LynnUnited Stateswww.rotoforge.com/introduction
547goldjian goldenberg chartier lopezCanadafemhack
546Juan CarriqueArgentinaSINC-UNL-CONICET
545Kian ShakerUnited StatesStanford University
544Nicolás Méndez ArgentinaUniversidad Nacional de San Martín, Universidad de Buenos Aires
543Lara JatarArgentinaCoSensores
542Brígida De GraciaPanamaStri-Grupo Ngäbe Buglé
541Fernando ChungPerú Universidad Nacional Agraria La Molina
540Susann AuerGermanyTechnische Universität Dresden, Germany
539Tasso MulzerGermanyBerliner Hochschule für Technik (BHT)
538Paola LarrauriPeruLab. de Tecnología Libre - Instituto de Ingeniería Biológica y Médica (IIBM) - UC
537Fernando Ariel LopezArgentinaCONICET
536Andrey BykanovRussiaHobbyists of electrometric and dosimetry equipment maker
535João Miguel NevesBrazil
534Janine O'ReillyCanadaCivic Laboratory for Environmental Action Research (CLEAR)
533Thomas AlexanderUnited StatesNCSU Biological Engineering
532Samuel GygerSwedenKTH Stockholm
531Mathew LubariUgandaCommunity Creativity For Development (CC4D-Uganda)
530Marisa SatsiaCyprusbioartist/designer
529Niko Arranz
528CHRISTONSIA MUSHITanzaniaTwende Innovation center
527Yury GitmanUnited StatesParsons, Design and Technology Professor
526Lukas WinterGermanyPhysikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt
525Brianna JohnsAustraliaGOSH
524Robert ReadUnited StatesPublic Invention, a research non-profit
523Constanza MorgadoChile
522Mawa JohnUgandaTraining
521Amare Kassaw YimerEthiopiaBahir Dar University
520Mitch AltmanGermanyCornfield Electronics
519Arun KumarIndia
518Zara BurtonFrance
517Tanguy Van RegemorterBelgiumManetco
516Veronica Uribe-del-AguilaUnited StatesUC San Diego
515Manfred NiehusPortugalOficina Digital - SenseMakerLab - Lisbon Polytechnical School of Engineering
514Paula PinSpainbiotranslab
513Okoth PhillipsUgandaNon Partisan
512Libby HepburnAustraliaGlobal Citizen Science Partnership
511Simon AsareGhanaUniversity of Mines and Technology
510TOKO KOUTOGUI Abdoul kafidBénin
509Menno SchilthuizenNetherlandsTaxon Foundation
508Marcelo KauffmanArgentinaLimay Bio
506Pierre LonchamptAustraliaAlliance for Transparency in Health Technology
505Candida D'AvanzoUSA
504Tao ZhangUnited States
503Phillip Otten
502Venkatesh GopalUSAElmhurst University
501Julián GhiglieriArgentinaLoopea Lab
500Marcela BaschArgentinaEl Plan C
499Martin Abel GambarottaArgentina499
498Georg TremmelJapanBCL
497Eric PanChinaSeeed
496Saad ChinoySingaporeEdibleMakerspace, EngineeringGood, SpudnikLab
495Fynn HemmlerDeutschlandHU-Berlin
494alexandre geffrierFrance
493Hilman ArioajiIndonesiaU-INSPIRE Indonesia
492Annie BouUnited StatesUCLA
491Tiffany DangUnited States
490Aarushi KapoorUnited StatesUCLA
489LUC LORAINUnited StatesUCLA
488Nick ShapiroUSUCLA
487Benjamin JohnsonUnited StatesUniversity of California, Los Angeles
486planells florentFranceagricole
485CLEAR LaboratoryCanadaCivic Laboratory for Environmental Action Research
484María CastellóUruguayInstituto de Investigaciones Biológicas Clemente Estable
483Alejo Fabian BonifacioArgentinaUniversidad Nacional de Córdoba
482Turam PurtyUnited States
481Paul JerchelGermanyBeuth University of Applied Sciences (Beuth Hochschule für Technik) Berlin
480S James Parsons JrUSACe11
479Hamza AaziMoroccoEngineering
478Eric TheisUnited StatesCitizen Scientist
477David CastilloMexicoUniversidad Autónoma de México
476ariel toh shu xianunited kingdomCiência Bibliografia Portugal
475Victor BonillaGuatemalaIndependent citizen - Ciudadano independiente
474Mohamed Chedli YaghlaneTunisiaOpenFab Tunisia
473Ariel CerdaChilePontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
472Salman FarisIndiaMakerGram
471Horacio BilbaoArgentinaUniversidad Nacional de JCP
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469Douglas EstevesBrazilLaboratório Hacker de Campinas
468Benedict DiederichGermanyLeibniz Institut for Photonic Technology
467Néstor AlvaPeruPersonal
466Enrico KlotzschGermanyHU Berlin
465Emmanuel KellnerSwitzerlandUniversity of Geneva
464Ricardo Vega M.ChilePUC Design - Engineering
463Mark DonovanUnited States10001
462Robert HallUSACompression Institute
461Fabian AristizabalColombiawww.efe.design
460Jorge SaturnoGermanyPhysikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt
459Dexter StalworthUSAslipupcreek PSC
458Francisco Javier Quero LombarderoSpainOpenLab Madrid
457Felipe Cezar de Castro AntunesBrazilIFNMG Janaúba
456Joe KnapperUnited KingdomUniversity of Bath
455Cristthian ArpinoBrazilCTA and WikiLab
454Philip MainUnited KingdomBA1 9BJ
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447Marlus AraujoBrazilMediaLab UFRJ
446Rita WuBrazilIFLB
445princess MushongaZimbabweresearcher
444ZHIHAN CHENUnited States78712
443Abram ConnellyUSA
442Stefano Di DomenicoItalyPoliclinico S. Martino Genova
441Marisa McLeanCanadaSensorica
440D. Bruce MerloCanadaSensorica.co
439John McGovernUnited States Great Lake Erie Educators Exchange
438Fabio BalliSwitzerlandbreathinggames.net
437Lucas AyresBrazilUniversity of São Paulo
436Pedro Henrique KopperBrazilUFRGS/CTA/LAPMA
435Rodolfo StollArgentinaUNRC
434Foockinho d
433Saulo JacquesBrazilLana - Participatory Science and Free Technology
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431Ramiro MagnoPortugalUniversity of Algarve
430Flavio AzevedoGermanyCologne University/New York University
429Heloísa Oss BollBrasilCTA/UFRGS
428Renan MartinsBrazilUNESP
427William HalfordBelgium
426Julian StirlingUnited KingdomUniversity of Bath
425Reinaldo AlcaldeusaUT Austin, Clean Water Science Network
424Stetson RowlesUnited StatesClean Water Science Network and University of Texas at Austin
423José Ricardo BorbaBrasilmatehackers.org
422Diego TorresArgentinaLIFIA, Facultad de Informática, UNLP - CyT, UNQ
421Damian MantuanoArgentinaCamba
420Victor BarahonaEspañawww.egokitek.com
419Elena GEspaña
418Cadon BenjaminFrancela Labomedia.org
417Chege JamesKenyaCode for Africa
416Jean Pierre Tincopa FloresPeruUniversidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia
415nikeme makengne tegankamCameroon
414Yuri VlasyukUkraineMakerHub.org
413Ananda GaboCanada
412A. Özgür PolatTurkeyCukurova University
411Yao ChengChinaSDGo
410VJ pixelBrazilmemeLab
409Tay HaroldSingapore
408Justin AhinonBeninAfricArxiv
407Dorcas OwinohKenyaLakeHub
406Analia AspisArgentinaWeiba Foundation
405Ji LiChinaOpen FIESTA, Tsinghua University
404Dr Kratos
403Francesca MereuItalia09122
402Gorka SolanaMozambiqueUniversidade Pedagogica Maxixe
401Javier GarzónColombia110911
400Bruno StrasserSwitzerlandUniversity of Geneva
399Leonardo CrosatoItaly31100
398Teen Chin Malaysia
397Sergio KatzArgentinaCONICET
396Mbeh Chinenge AnthonyCameroonMBEH ARTISTIC TECHNOLOGIES
395Ruben Pellicer-GuridiSpainwww.opensourceimaging.org
394Paolo BonelliItalywemake.cc
393Rachel AronoffSwitzerland1026
392Samuel EdeaguNigeriaUniversity of Nigeria
391solomon kemboZimbabweInternet Society
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377Balasubramanian DIndiaFree Software Hardware Movement Pondicherry
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217Elizabeth AusticUnited StatesUniversity of Michigan
216Tim RudgeChileUniversidad Católica de Chile
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192Alejandro NadraArgentinaUBA-CONICET
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182Jiawei LiUnited KingdomUniversity College London
181Romain BornetSuisseechOpen
180NAGARJUNA GIndiagnowledge lab, Mumbai, India
179Abhinav PriyadarshiIndiaChandigarh Engineering College , Landran
177Joel MurphyUnited Stateswww.openbci.com www.pulsesensor.com
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170Sebastian PałuchaUnited KingdomDurham University
169FRANCIS WAMONJEKenyaUniversity of Cambridge
168Budi PrakosaIndonesiaLifepatch
167Ryan HammondUnited StatesBaltimore Underground Science Space
166Becki ChallUnited StatesPublic Lab
165Klie KliebertUSAPublic Lab
164Liz BarryUnited StatesPublic Lab
163Benjamin H PaffhausenGermanyFU Berlin
162Thomas MaillartSwitzerlandUniversity of Geneva
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160Antonio C C MarquesBrazilCELC
159Francois MILLETFrance14000
158Ricardo SegarraSpain
157Nikesh BalamiNepalOpen Knowledge Nepal
156Andrew KiggunduUgandaNARO
155Gille PlattnerFranceUPMC
154Antonio Celso C L SouzaBrasil
153Gerardo BarbarovSpainSingular Devices Maker Studio
152Alexis Maestre-SaboritUnited StatesUnion for the Justice Laura Marx
151Sirius D. AbadíaSpainFundación Inceptum
150pat rudafrance
149Ana BarralSpain
148Tere BadiaSpainHangar
147Carmelo Ordóñez
146Carmen Peña Hernández Galiza. Spain
145Andrea OlmedoSpain
144Alberto MenaSpain
143Antonio Gomez
142Manuel GalánSpain
141Rafael Martinez ValverdeEspaña46980
140Teresa MontañoSpain
139David Alfonsín Lareo
137Ricard EscartinSpain
136Albert Garcia Spain
135Jesús Arroyo TorrensSpain
134Alberto PorcaSpain
133Angel EspesoSpainwww.roble.uno
132Samuel Landete BenaventeSpain46014
131Arturo LorenzoSpain
130José Luis VillarejoEspaña28412
129Alberto GarcíaSpainUOC
128Almudena Garcia SpainUniversity of Huelva
127Arturo Rodriguez Castillo Spain imvec.tech
126Juanfra AlvarezSpainIMVEC - Instituto de Monitorización y Vigilancia de Espacios Contaminados
125Alvaro VillosladaSpain
124Federico CocaEspaña18014
123Pascal CotretFranceCentraleSupélec
122Juan González-GomezSpainR&D engineer
121Gustavo ReynagaMexicoMazMaker MakerSpace / Teacher
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119Blanca Garcia BoenteEspañaEnfermera del SERGAS
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117Gabino GonzálezSpain
116Alberte Méndez LópezSpainBricolabs makerspace / teacher
115Yvan SatgéUnited StatesClemson University
114Pierre PadillaPeruBiomakers Lab
113xose quirogaSpainIMVEC - Instituto de Monitorización y Vigilancia de Espacios Contaminados
112detailleur briceFranceCNRS
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110Fernando CastroArgentinaUTN - Facultad Regional Mendoza
109David AriasEcuador
108David WenbertUSAChincoteague Innovation & Venture Inception Center
107Nguyen HungVietnamHCM City
106Romie LittrellUnited StatesThe Tech Museum of Innovation
105Alex GiordanoItalyRURALHUB
104Jenny MolloyUnited KingdomUniversity of Cambridge
103Mokhtar BachaFranceKantum SASU
102Luis SoenksenUnited StatesMassachusetts Institute of Technology
101Alain HotuaBelgique
100Clement QuinsonFranceElectrolab (Hackerspace/Makerspace)
99Karen BorgesBrasilIFRS/POALAB - FabLab
98Andre PeresBrazilIFRS/POALAB - Fab Lab
97Maria Ines CastilhoBrasilCentro de Tecnologia Acadêmica IF-UFRGS
96Marina de FreitasBrazilCentro de Tecnologia Acadêmica, Instituto de Física, Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul
95Emilie AbsilFrance
94Mickaël CubelFranceLes Petits Débrouillards ?=+
93Florian MoulinFrance
92Etienne Armand AmatoFranceUniversité Paris Est Marne-la-Vallée
91Kha TrươngVietnamStudent
90Jérôme GAULINFrance
89lea torayFrance
88Valentin Benozillo France
87Hiure QueirozBrazilSitio do Astronauta
86Lucas EversNetherlandsOpen Wetlab - Waag Society
85bureau d'études bureau d'étudesFrance
84Jean-Philippe BelassamiFranceIT Engineer and part time maker
83Marceau MinotFranceStudent
82Carole LabieFranceCitizen Creative Media
81Giuseppe FascillaItaly
80Thomas Hervé Mboa Nkoudou CameroonProjet SOHA
79Mehdi JaberFranceinnovation manager, French public sector
78Céline LibéralFranceBT
77Luc JonveauxFranceindependent / echopen
76Mathieu GONNETFranceINRA
75francesca pellegrinoItalia72017
74Patrick CampbellUSA
73paz tornero
72Lucy PattersonGermanyScience Hack Day Berlin
71Leslie CacedaUnited States30307
70maria luiza fragosoBrazilufrj
69Rachel RosalenBrazilrural.scapes - lab in residence
68Kat Austen
67Denisa Kera
66Ewen ChardronnetFranceMakery
65Luc HenrySwitzerlandHackuarium
64Andrea PolliUSAThe University of New Mexico, Art and Ecology
63Shannon DosemagenUnited StatesPublic Lab
62Christoph LaibSwitzerland
61michel pauliCameroonassociation linux friends, limbe cameroon
60julian anibal henao garciaColombiaarmatostre
59isabelle desjeuxsingaporeindependent
58maya minderSwitzerland
57Rüdiger TrojokDeutschlandKIT-ITAS
56Omar OrtizMexicoDocking-Biohacking
55Jean-Baptiste LugagneFranceInria
54Gernot AbelDenmarkBiologigaragen
53Hauser JensDenmarkUniversity of Copenhagen
52Pedro SolerEcuadorUpayakuwasi
51Miha HorvatSloveniaFundacija Sonda - GT22
50TeZ MartinucciNetherlandsoptofonica
49Andrew PellingCanada
48Andrew QuitmeyerUnited States30307
47Marc DusseillerSwitzerlandCenter for Alternative Coconut Research
46Timo MenkeSwedenFilmform foundation
45Angela Pereira
44Martin Malthe BorchDenmarkBiologigaragen / REBBLS / CIID / DTU / ITU / KU /
43Juan Manuel GARCIA ARCOSFranceCRI
42Ryan FobelCanada
41João Vitor MolinoBrazilUniversity of São Paulo
40Marco MauroItalyopenQCM – Novaetech S.r.l.
39Cristian PadovanoItaliaLaboratory of Neuroproteomics - "F. Ferrari" Hospital
38Leonardo SehnBrazilCentro de Tecnologia Acadêmica IF/UFRGS and Laboratório de Meteorologia e Qualidade do Ar CEPSRM/UFRGS.
37Felipe FonsecaBrazilIBICT
36Alexandre Hannud AbdoBrazilLISIS-INRA (France)
35Bram CrevitsBelgiumlaboratorium.bio
34claudia gonzalezChile7770212
33Anthoniy ValFrance
32Juan JaramilloColombiaLa Jaquer EsCool
31Pieter Van Boheemen
30Omar VeraColombia
29jonathan kellerfrancecredof
28Aurora Thornhill
27Douglas Nacib Chaves JorgeBrazilUNESP Medical School
26Suresh GhimireNepalKarkhana
25Giedrius KavaliauskasLithuania
24Miguel Arturo CroceBrazilUniversity of São Paulo
23Antoine C.FranceVoosilla Experimental Project
22Luis Fernando Medina CardonaColombiaUniversidad Nacional de Colombia
21Alexander SimovicSerbiaFabLab Belgrade
20Ivana GadjanskiSerbia11000
19Quitterie largeteauFrance
18Urs GaudenzSwitzerlandGaudiLabs
17Leo BlondelFranceHarvard
16Luis Felipe R. MurilloBrazilBerkman Center for Internet and Society
15Andre Maia ChagasGermanyUniversity of Tuebingen
14Marc SantoliniFranceNortheastern University, Boston MA
13Ricardo GuimarãesBrazilGypsyLab AT
12Jorge MachadoBrazilUniversity of Sao Paulo
11Carlos WinterBrazilUniversity of Sao Paulo
10Javier SerranoSpainCERN
9Bengt SjölénSwedenindependent
8Tobias WenzelGermanyUniversity of Cambridge
7Richard BowmanUKUniversity of Cambridge
6Kshitiz KhanalNepalOpen Knowledge Nepal
5Rafael PezziBrazilCentro de Tecnologia Acadêmica IF/UFRGS and ALICE/CERN
4Puneet KishorUSAindependent
3Mikael FernstromIrelandUniversity of Limerick
2Greg AusticUSAPhotosynQ
1Max LiboironCanadaCivic Laboratory for Environmental Action Research (CLEAR)


This document has been placed in the public domain.


This document was created by consensus with people from the first GOSH meeting in 2016 in Geneva, Switzerland. Its creation was facilitated by Max Liboiron and Greg Austic, who remain the caretakers of the document.