GOSH Writing Sprints 2021-2022

In 2021-2022 the GOSH community will host a series of writing workshops, in the form of community writing sprints, to develop guidance on Open Science Hardware (OScH) aimed at research funders, academic institutions (particularly technology transfer offices), and science policymakers: stakeholders who we view as key in enabling ubiquitous adoption of OScH. The aim is to complete briefs in situ that can be distributed to target audiences via specialist press outlets, specific events, and the GOSH community network.

For the 2021-2022 writing sprints, we plan on hosting the first workshop in February, with the objective of developing guidance on OScH for technology transfer offices, in addition to a future workshop aimed at providing guidance for research funders. We will also be opening up submissions for proposals from the GOSH community for smaller writing workshops or visiting collaborations to scope research topics, conduct literature reviews and develop further policy advice aimed at specific audiences that take into account the broader context of OScH and open science.

We will continue to share updates on the 2021-2022 writing sprints via the GOSH website and community forum!