Community calls

GOSH community calls are virtual meetings aimed to learn about the activities and projects of GOSHers around the world, discuss interesting Open Science Hardware topics and make things easier for those interested in joining GOSH.

The calls usually consist of a 20-minute presentation of projects or topics followed by discussion, and some time for introductions/community announcements.

The time of the meetings changes from call to call in order to give an equal chance of joining to GOSHers all around the world.

If you’d like to present at any of the community calls, you can fill out this form.

How to Join

Each call is hosted via Zoom. The schedule below has more details on how to join each call.

Subscribe to the GOSH community calendar to be notified of future calls and other GOSH-related events and activities.

Recordings and Notes

Recordings are uploaded after the calls to the GOSH YouTube channel.

The notes from the 2021 calls are stored here.

You can find the notes from the 2019 community calls here.

2021 Schedule

MonthDateTime (UTC)TopicPresenterInformation for joining the call
FebruaryThursday 25th14:00Finalizing GOSH governance plan and setting up elections process GOSH Governance Working GroupClick here to join via Zoom.
SeptemberWednesday 29th13:00 The FreeMoCap Project- A free open source markerless motion capture system for decentralized science, education, and art.Jon MatthisClick here to join via Zoom.
OctoberThursday 28th21:00 UROŠ – Ubiquitous Rural Open Science HardwaredusjagrClick here to join via Zoom.
NovemberThursday 18th14:00Edible Makerspace / open-source hardware for the dissemination of science and environmental care through social projectsSaad Chinoy / Alex CarrilloClick here to join via Zoom.
DecemberTuesday 7th13:00The Internet of Production Alliance – building digital infrastructure for decentralised manufacturing / Presenting the paper: “Towards FAIR Principles for Open Hardware”Barbara Schack / Ana Trisovic, Nadica Miljkovic, Limor PeerClick here to join via Zoom.

2020 Schedule

MonthDateTime (UTC)Topic
JuneTuesday 16th14:00History of GOSH, SLOAN Foundation Grant, and Next Steps
JulyTuesday 14th14:00A call for all those interested in shaping what the GOSH governance structure looks like going forward
DecemberWednesday 16th14:00Overview of first draft of proposed governance structure

2019 Schedule

MonthDateTime (UTC)TopicPresenter
MarchThursday 7th11:00Soil cromatrography (FC) – The new SI: The world just redefined the way we define our units (JS)Fernando Castro / Julian Stirling
AprilThursday 11th15:00Vuela project: Lessons Learned (PB) – HiSeq project (K) – Live report from AfricaOSHPaz Bernaldo / Kaspar / AfricaOSHers
JuneThursday 4th13:00GOSH Great LakesGreg Austic
AugustTuesday 27th10:00DIY Labware: Promoting Open Science Hardware among Ghanaian AcademicsVictor Kumbol
OctoberFriday 4th14:00Open Hardware Leaders: an OHW mentoring program from MozillaJosé Urra
NovemberTuesday 12th16:00The Open Know-How SpecificationJérémy Bonvoisin
DecemberTuesday 3rd19:00Hacking Ecology: Building open source water monitoring systems with researchers and communitiesSaulo Jacques