Meet the awardees of the 2023 GOSH microgrants program!

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Source: Gathering for Open Science Hardware

We are excited to announce the awardees of the 2023 GOSH microgrants program! The following 20 projects were selected to receive 500 USD in funding to run STEM workshops or short courses focused on open science hardware.

  1. Digital Naturalism – Jungle Tech Workshop Series
  2. Hands-on workshop: Synthetic Biology application on plastic waste degradation
  3. Daykomb
  4. Soil Microscopy Workshop and bio-VJ Night
  5. Neuro4all
  6. MakerWare Design Programme
  7. Taller de termocicladores abiertos para educación universitaria.
  8. Environmental Science with micro:bit
  9. Jimbaran Fishing Communities Looking Closer with Foldscope
  10. Digital electronics for High School students of GBHS Pintchoumba
  11. Africa OSH Open Hardware Workshop
  12. Learning OSH through assembling
  13. Diving into open hardware data logging for small wind turbines
  14. OpenLAB – ESP8266-based Smart Irrigation system
  15. Introduction to Arduino kits in a scientific context
  16. Build a DIY ROV (Remote Operated Vehicle) Robot KIT for Under water Education
  17. RoboKids Boot Camp
  18. Owl Prowl by Wild Lives
  19. Open Hardware Meetup
  20. Africa Community forum for Open Science Hardware growth

Congratulations to the awardees! Be sure to join the GOSH forum for updates on their progress.

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