Microgrants for Open Science Hardware Workshops & Short Courses

The first round of the Microgrants Program is closed, but you can check this page regularly for updates on future rounds.

Throughout 2023, up to 20 microgrants of USD 500 were dispersed to organizations across the world, hosting workshops or short courses focused on open science hardware.

The goal of the workshops or short courses should be to teach, deploy, or experiment with open science hardware tools and their related software applications, at any level of difficulty to any audience, in a hands-on manner, to participants that will put that knowledge to practical and immediate use.

Examples of such events are:

  • Citizen/community science workshop teaching how and why to
    operate, deploy, retrieve a data logger.
  • Starting an open science hardware club or initiative at your school, university or maker space.
  • Teaching open science hardware principles to high school students to encourage them to share future projects – Funding for existing science club events focused on open science hardware.

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