July 2022 GOSH Community Call: Presentation from Seeed Studio, Community Updates, and More!

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Image Credit: Gathering for Open Science Hardware

The next GOSH community call will be on 18 July from 9:00 – 10:00 UTC! The call will feature a presentation from Seeed Studio, with time at the end for community updates! 

Be sure to register in advance for the call here.

Want to know more about the community calls? You can read more about them here. The calls are also available on the GOSH community calendar.

More information on the presentation:

Seeed Studio (Presented by Ye Seong Shin): The presentation will provide an introduction to Seeed Studio (aka IoT hardware manufacturer, open-source hardware manufacturer), and discuss Seeed Studio’s open innovation competition for environmental, wildlife, and biodiversity conservation, including open science tools: IoT Into the Wild Contest for Sustainable Planet 2022. It will also discuss Seeed Studio’s SDG (Sustainable Development Goals – the UN’s 2030 Agenda) projects in the past and present.

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