Outside the academy: DIY science communities (Force2017 Keynote by Lucy Patterson)

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Lucy Patterson gave a keynote at the recent FORCE2017 meeting on DIY Science Communities with some very familiar groups mentioned! Take a look on youtube.

About Lucy

Lucy is a freelance science hacker and community organizer working at the intersection of science and society. She is a DIY science and open-science advocate in the broadest sense: co-organizer of annual hackathon Science Hack Day Berlin, co-founder of the Berlin Science Hacking Community, a member of the interdisciplinary art/science/technology collective Lacuna Lab, and coordinator of the DIY Science Network. All community-led initiatives about engaging with science from a non-institutional position.

Born in the UK, she holds a PhD in developmental biology, moved to Germany as a postdoc, and worked for several years in science communication before leaving academia.

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