GOSH 2017 Final Report

Prepared for the Alfred P Sloan Foundation
Gatherings like GOSH [are] essential to making changes to larger systems of doing science and institutional trajectories.GOSH 2016 Participant
Without hardware, there is no science. Instruments, reagents, computers, and lab equipment are the platforms for producing systematic knowledge. Yet, current supply chains limit access and impede creativity and customization through high mark-ups and proprietary designs. This can be compounded by private hardware licenses and patents. Open Science Hardware (OSH) addresses part of this problem by sharing designs, instructions for building, and protocols. Expanding the reach of Open Science Hardware within academic research, NGO initiatives, citizen science, and education has potential to increase access to experimental tools and facilitate their customization and reuse while lowering costs. A growing number of people and organizations around the world are developing and using Open Science Hardware, but a coherent, self-organizing community has yet to emerge that could raise its profile and drive required social change within institutions, laws, and common practice that would make open science with open hardware the norm. The Gathering for Open Science Hardware will build a roadmap and bring together the people, skills and tools needed to make open science hardware ubiquitous by 2025.

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