May 2022 GOSH Community Call: Presentations from Creative Innovation Center (C.I.C), and GOSH Council Member Pen on open source enhancements to wildlife camera traps

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The next GOSH community call will be on 16 May from 13:00 – 14:00 UTC! The call will feature a presentation from Creative Innovation Center (C.I.C) and GOSH Council Member Pen-Yuan Hsing who will discuss open source enhancements to wildlife camera traps. There will also be time at the end for community updates! 

Be sure to register in advance for the call here

Want to know more about the community calls? You can read more about them here. The calls are also available on the GOSH community calendar. I’ll share an agenda for the call in the coming weeks! 

More information on the presentations:

Creative Innovation Center (C.I.C): The projects that Creative Innovation Center (C.I.C) is working on are; 1. Automatic hand washing facility 2. Security alarm system 3. Home automation. The automatic handwashing facility is to promote health and sanitation in the community. We wish to provide them to schools and hospitals as well this would help in promoting hygiene. The security alarm system helps to reduce the crime rate in the community meanwhile the home automation is to ease switching devices on and off in a building which saves time. These kinds of technologies help to inspire youths who are not exposed to pick interest in technology and creativity. 

Adding depth-sensing to camera traps to transform wildlife monitoring for conservation: Pen-Yuan Hsing will provide an overview of the role of camera traps for wildlife/biodiversity conservation, the current limitations of the technology in theory and practice, and an idea for open source hardware enhancements to advance the state of the art.

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