2022 GOSH Collaborative Development Program: First Round Awardees

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Image Source: Gathering for Open Science Hardware

The first round of the 2022 GOSH Collaborative Development Program has closed. Three projects were selected for the New Project Track, and four were selected for the Established Project Track.

For the New Project Track (in no particular order) these were:

  1. Shazam for Bats, link to proposal 
  2. Liquid handling robot, link to proposal 
  3. Reuse of spectrophotometer, link to proposal

For the Established Project Track (in no particular order) these were:

  1. PCR Project, link to proposal
  2. Governmental Framework to strengthen the market of Enzyme made in Cameroon, link to proposal
  3. Open Science Shop, link to proposal
  4. Friendzymes, link to proposal

Congratulations to the first round of awardees!

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