2022 GOSH Community Council Election

The 2022 GOSH Community Council Election has ended, and you can read more about the elected council members here.

2022 Election Schedule

  • 28 April – Finalize election process, technology, managing and communicating results [i.e. final proposal published]
  • 29-30 April Listening WG incorporates suggestions on dedicating two seats to currently recognized Regional Groups and relying on Regional Community Managers to vet any candidates who self-identify as regional members
  • 2 May – Listening WG send out an email with the final doc, seeking +1s from Council Members
  • 4 May – Open independent observer nominations
  • 10 May – Close independent observer nominations
  • 12 May – Complete set-up of election infrastructure (platform, etc)
  • 12 May – Appoint an independent observer
  • 12 May – Open voter registration
  • 13 May – Open nominations
  • 6 June – Close nominations, open consideration of candidates
  • 16 June – Community meetings for candidates
  • 23 June – Voter registration closes
  • 24 June – Voting starts
  • 3 July 23:59 AoE – Voting closes
  • 9 July – Community Council announced
  • 26-29 October – At the 2022 Global Gathering in Panama, hold a Main Stage community-wide assembly to reflect on the Election process

How do I register to vote?

Voter registration is will be done via EUSurvey. Register to vote here. Voter registration closes 23 June.

How do I vote?

Voting will take place on the STAR Voting platform, which uses a combination of score voting, to pick the two highest-scoring candidates, and a “runoff” in which the finalist who is preferred on more ballots wins. You can read more about the STAR Voting platform and its methodology here

Voting starts on 24 June and will close on 4 July at 23:59 Anywhere on Earth (AoE).

What about a tie?

The election secretary and independent observer, responsible for tabulating the votes for the election, will ultimately decide what is done in the case of a tie. In 2021, they decided on the following procedure:

If there were a tie between two candidates in the automatic runoff, whichever candidate scored the highest in the scoring round becomes the winner. If, however, two candidates tied in the automatic runoff and had the same score in the scoring round, we decided that we will flip a coin to determine who the winner is. The tied candidates will be notified before the coin toss as well.

What is the GOSH Community Council?

The GOSH Community Council will oversee or delegate all subsequent tasks, questions and issues related to the governance of the GOSH community. This scope will include building out more complete governance structures that are not fully realized by the current Community Council (2021-2022).

Community Council membership will persist for 2-year terms, with several 1-year terms seated in the first election in 2021 to enable staggered terms year over year.

For the 2021 election, candidates ran for a mix of 2-year and 1-year to start in order to establish staggered terms:

  • The 4 elected candidates receiving the highest scores were seated for 2-year terms 
  • The 3 remaining elected candidates were seated for 1-year terms 

This was intended to enable balanced annual turnover moving forward, with e.g. 3 or 4 new members being elected each year. After this first election, all open seats will be for 2-year terms in subsequent elections. Therefore, the 2022 election will select 3 candidates to serve 2-year terms.

All elected Community Council members shall serve for at most 2 consecutive terms, regardless of term length.

You can view the 2021 GOSH Community Council’s plan for seating a 2022 council here.


Three seats are subject to this election.

How do I learn more about candidates?

For more information on the candidates, check out their candidate statements on the 2022 GOSH Election forum category, or attend one of the following community meetings.


Individuals can nominate others or self-nominate for inclusion in the candidate pool. Nominations closed on 6 June.


Thomas Hervé Mboa Nkoudou @thomasmboa

Valerian Linus Sanga @valerian

Kwaje Steven Taban @Kwaje

Harold Tay @harold

Mathew Lubari @CC4DUganda

Jafsia Elisee @elja

Frank Landon Bentum @Frank_AfricaOSH


Non-candidacy items to be voted on (e.g. resolutions)



Independent Observer: Heather Leson, find out more about Heather here!

Election Secretary: Bri Johns, GOSH Community Coordinator