November Community Call: Internet of Production Alliance, EdibleMakerspace, and more community updates!

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Source: Gathering for Open Science Hardware

The next GOSH community call will take place on 18 November from 14:00 – 15:00 UTC. Be sure to join us for a series of presentations from community members, followed by community updates!

This community call will feature presentations from the Internet of Production Alliance and EdibleMakerspace. The presentations will be followed by updates and announcements from GOSH community members.

More information on the presentations

The Internet of Production Alliance will be presenting the data standards they have developed to date, the ones they will be working on in the next year, and how this is relevant for Open Science Hardware.

EdibleMakerspace will discuss three projects they’re currently working on, 1) Scoby Parchment, Ginbuchaaa and the Fermentation GutHub 2) Cold brew coffee and the DIY caffeinator 3) OpenFlexure and DIY microscopes, chopsticks, and 3d printing for critical making.

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