September community call: presentation on FreeMoCap project, updates from the GOSH council, and more!

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The GOSH community calls are back! Be sure to attend the upcoming call on 29 September from 13:00 – 14:00 UTC.

This community call will feature a presentation from Jon Matthis on The FreeMoCap Project, a free open source markerless motion capture system for decentralized science, education, and art. The presentation will be followed by community updates and announcements from the GOSH Community Council.

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Information for joining calls:

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The calls are also available on the GOSH community calendar.

Read more about GOSH community calls here.

More on the FreeMoCap Project:

The FreeMoCap system leverages cutting edge machine learning (ML) driven markerless motion capture (mocap) software (e.g. MediaPipe, DeepLabCut, etc) to create a easy-to-use pipeline for tracking full-body 3d movements of humans, animals, or other objects. In addition to providing low-cost mocap solutions for scientific and clinical research, this system also allows independent animators and video game designers to create motion capture assets at a fraction of the price of traditional mocap. This combination of ML-based software, scientific research, and artistic expression also creates a unique educational opportunity, as this system will provide an in-road for engaging in self-directed, ‘inside-out’ exploration of the constituent technologies and related scientific and artistic disciplines. The eventual goal is to create a system that will allow a 14-year-old with no technical training and no outside assistance to recreate a research-grade mocap system for less than $100US.

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