Join Aerogami: Learning how things fly by making paper planes on #mozsprint 2017

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We invite you to join Mozilla Global Sprint on June 1-2, 2017 #mozsprint and contribute to Aerogami.

Aerogami is open courseware that teaches how things fly by making paper planes and with other minimal setup using household objects. A learner can experience what’s happening for themselves instead of believing the teacher or textbook. It is also an open educational practice project that seeks to establish a model of interaction / maker based learning of complex concepts, starting with basic aerodynamics.

You can start making your valuable contributions and become a part of the project by reviewing the structure and content of the course and providing feedback. If you are a curriculum developer or somebody who knows basic aerodynamics, you can help in developing content. You can also have fun trying some already prepared content and sharing your experience to help us improve.

Special skills like programming, graphic design, and animation will be of use too. We need new ideas and skills to make the course better.

The project is housed on github.

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