Roadmap or compass? – Paz Bernaldo

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Voting on values to guide the roadmapping exercise at #GOSH2017

Paz Bernaldo has reflected on her time at #GOSH2017 and offered a thoughtful critique of the our goal to draft a roadmap over at Medium, suggesting that a compass would be a more appropiate framing of what the open science hardware community needs to guide it towards making Open Science Hardware ubiquitous by 2025.

Check out the full, insightful article here.

If we have a roadmap we don’t have much to learn; our assumptions won’t probably change much. We just follow a known road. A compass lets us navigate unknown terrains. And I don’t know you, but I see a lot of unknowns in the how to do it when thinking of the Manifesto and the giant wall of strategic ideas built by the GOSH crowd at the Gathering in March.

Paz Bernaldo

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