GOSH at MozFest 2016

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We’re delighted that a GOSH session has been accepted to the Open Science track in MozFest 2016, taking place in London 28-30 Oct 2016.

See below for the session proposal and register here to join MozFest!
If you’d like to help facilitate the session then let us know in the GOSH forum or tweet @GOSHCommunity.


Hardware forms a vital part of the scientific experimental process and the current supply chain limits access and impedes creativity and customisation. Open Science Hardware addresses part of this problem through sharing open designs and a growing number of people around the world are developing fantastic projects – from open molecular biology tools and microscopes to cosmic ray detectors and geiger counters. These efforts need amplifying and a community is slowly emerging to drive the social change within institutions that will increase uptake.

The Gathering for Open Science Hardware (GOSH!) was a meeting at CERN in 2016 that brought together 50 researchers, developers, citizen scientists, designers, funders and more to seed just such a community and now we want to enable others to feed into creating an actionable roadmap for open science hardware to be launched and distributed at high-level to institutions and policy makers.


We will step through the GOSH! Manifesto (https://openhardware.science/gosh-manifesto/), a community drafted document putting forward the aims of GOSH! and explore how these principles can be turned into actions.

The session will largely be chaired discussion and breakout into themed groups if the group is sufficiently large. Extensive notes will be taken openly online and will directly feed into the road-mapping exercise being undertaken by the GOSH! community, which we hope attendees will consider joining.


All are welcome and we particularly hope to attract the following:

  • Researchers who use hardware (who have some or no experience with open hardware)
  • Developers of open science hardware
  • Citizen and civic science practitioners and organiser
  • Teachers from primary to tertiary education
  • Designers and artists, particularly and the science/design/art interface
  • Makers from the broader open hardware community
  • People with experience of developing legal tools and standards e.g. Creative Commons
  • People with experience of building open communities
  • Funders, representatives of institutions and policy organisations, decision makers!

The session can scale from around 5-30 participants, we anticipate 10-15 and will accommodate larger numbers with break out groups.


  1. Increased awareness of open science hardware among MozFest attendees, we will distribute stickers and information on open science hardware projects during the session and in the open science space.
  2. The discussions will feed into the GOSH! Roadmap to be published and launched online and in print in 2017 and distributed widely to the research and related scientific communities, policy organisations, funders and institutions. This will be enriched by tapping into the MozFest crowd that is so experienced in building and maintaining open endeavours and communities.
  3. Participants in the discussion will hopefully consider joining the GOSH! community online and helping shape its activities.

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