Great Lakes GOSH 2019

July 31 - Aug 5, Toronto, Canada

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Building on the work of past GOSH events, including the manifesto, roadmap and first community report, the community is organizing an regional GOSH in the Great Lakes!

A regional GOSH will take place from July 31-August 2, 2019 at the Evergreen Brickworks in Toronto. This will be followed by an optional post-GOSH retreat/ hackathon just outside of Toronto.

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Check back mid-May for open applications!

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Local Partners

Gatherings like GOSH [are] essential to making changes to larger systems of doing science and institutional trajectories.GOSH 2016 Participant

What will happen at GOSH 2018?

GOSH 2018 in Shenzhen is our third annual meeting, convening a growing number of people around the world who are developing and using open hardware in the context of the wider movement for Open Science. We are bringing together up to 100 of the most active global thought leaders, developers, researchers, community convenors and other actors who can expand the reach of Open Science Hardware within academic research, citizen science and education.

Participants will join together as a community for four days to explore our 2018 theme ‘scaling hardware, growing community’. We will conduct a series of themed discussion groups, practical workshops and trips to local Shenzhen businesses that can offer lessons and support for scaling Open Science Hardware.

GOSH has potential to broaden who can do science and for what purposes in addition to improving quality and reproducibility of experimental observations. We invite you to be a part of the Gathering and the GOSH Community!

GOSH 将于2018年在深圳展开第三次年会,召集了越来越多的世界各地正在开放和使用开放式硬件的开放式科学运动背景下的人们。我们将组织最多100个活动参加者,活动参加者涵盖最活跃的全球思想领袖,开发人员,研究人员,社区召集人和其他参与者,他们可以在学术研究,公民科学和教育,等领域扩大开放科学硬件的范围。

参与者将组成一起探索的社区参加这次的4天探索活动。探索我们的2018年主题“扩展硬件,发展社区”。我们将开展一系列主题讨论小组,实践研讨会,拜访深圳的当地的企业。这些企业将提供硬件课程和为扩大开放科学硬件提供经支持。GOSH 希望能通过这次活动,让人们以更平滑的方式参加到科学活动中去。这次将会是一次实践以及实验性的活动。我们诚邀您成为 GOSH 的一员。

GOSH Code of Conduct

The GOSH code of conduct applies to all GOSH spaces, both online and in person.