Open Hours

We are transforming the open hours into Welcome Calls! Find out more here.

GOSH open hours are held twice a month and hosted by the GOSH Community Coordinator. Open hours provide a virtual social atmosphere for old and new GOSHers alike to connect with others from the community. These small, informal events are perfect for those wanting to learn more about the GOSH community.

The date and time of each open hour change each time to give those from different time zones an equal chance of joining. The schedule below shows the dates/times for upcoming open hours.

You can also subscribe to the GOSH community calendar to be notified of open hours and other GOSH-related events and activities.

Join the Open Hours Here.

2022 Open Hours Schedule

JanuaryThursday 13th11:00 UTC
Thursday 27th21:00 UTC
FebruaryThursday 10th11:00 UTC
Thursday 24th21:30 UTC
MarchThursday 10th11:00 UTC
Thursday 24th21:00 UTC
AprilThursday 14th11:00 UTC
Thursday 21st21:00 UTC
MayThursday 12th11:00 UTC
Thursday 26th21:00 UTC
JuneThursday 9th13:00 UTC
Wednesday 29th21:00 UTC
JulyTuesday 12th9:00 UTC
Tuesday 26th 21:00 UTC

2021 Open Hours Schedule

SeptemberThursday 9th13:00 UTC
Tuesday 21st20:30 UTC
OctoberThursday 7th12:00 UTC
Tuesday 19th21:00 UTC
NovemberWednesday 10th20:00 UTC
Tuesday 23rd11:00 UTC
DecemberWednesday 1st19:00 UTC
Thursday 9th11:00 UTC

For more highly-facilitated GOSH events, check out the GOSH Community Calls.