Suggestions on Travel to Toronto

Toronto has 2 airports: Pearson International YYZ and Billy Bishop YTZ. For those flying into Pearson, you have two options for getting downtown: the Up Express train ($12.35) or you can take the “192 Rocket” bus to Kipling station ($3.25). Billy Bishop is located downtown and runs a shuttle bus to Union station.


Day 1 of the conference will be hosted at the University of Toronto in the Rm 850 of the Leslie L. Dan Pharmacy Bldg (144 College St, Toronto, ON M5S 3M2). The easiest way to get there is via subway. Get off at Queen’s Park Station on the #1 (University/Young) subway line.

Days 2 and 3 will be hosted in Blake’s Room at the Evergreen Brickworks (550 Bayview Ave, Toronto, ON M4W 3X8). The Brickworks website lists several options for getting there. There’s a #28 Bayview South bus that runs from Davisville station and a free shuttle bus that departs every 30-45 min from Bayview station. Rideshares are also a good option (e.g., Uber or Lyft) and Lyft offers discounts for rides to the Brickworks site. If you plan to drive, please contact the organizers about getting a parking pass.

Is food and lodging covered, if so how much?

In short, yes – if accepted, you get food and lodging free. 

GL GOSH organizers will be renting various Airbnb’s near the Brickworks venue.  Attendees will be able to see and select their room once the exact locations have been rented.  These costs are covered by conference fees and donations, and all attendees who need housing will receive it.  Dates covered will be July 30 – Aug 1. A small number of rooms may be available the day before and after for later/earlier flights, but those are limited and not guaranteed.

Breakfasts and lunches will be provided during the core conference days of July 31 – Aug 2.

I’m receiving a travel stipend – what can I use it on?

Last minute high priced tickets are to be avoided and all tickets supported by GOSH must be purchased at least one month in advance. All tickets should be purchased in economy class, premium/business/first class travel cannot be reimbursed. While we don’t want attendees to travel needlessly in the middle of the night or experience unneeded multiple stops, please set a target of adding no more than 10% to the cost of a ticket merely for convenience. We cannot reimburse for upgrades, baggage fees, headset rentals in flight, or food/beverages purchased during flights and layovers.

GL GOSH travel can be used to cover:

  • Flight, train, or bus to and from Toronto
  • Visa costs and travel related to visa appointments

GL GOSH travel funding will not cover:

  • Accommodation – Accommodation is already provided free for 3 days (July 30, 31, Aug 1st).  If you want different / additional accommodation that’s up to you.
  • Ground transport to airports or local transport in Toronto during the meeting
  • Premium tickets for any form of transport
  • Onward flights to other destinations unless the combined cost is lower than a return ticket

I need a visa support/invitation letter

We are happy to provide invitations and letters of support required for your applications, email greatlakesgosh2019@gmail.com with requests.

What are the diversity and other goals used for selection, and why?

The GOSH community was founded in the ideas outlined in the manifesto .  Technically achieving accessibility, democratization, and changing the culture of science is hard, and we believe that diversity goals are one important way to get there.  In addition, GL GOSH is a local event – therefore the diversity goals are different than that of a global GOSH.  To set these targets, the organizers imagined the GL community we want to create rather than believing we’ll magically get there some day by doing the same old thing we’ve always done.

With this in mind, the following were the targets we put in place for the 2019 GL GOSH.

  • Local (Toronto area) – 25% of attendees
  • Great Lakes area – 37.5% of attendees
  • International (not North America, ideally representing several different parts of the world) – 6.25% of attendees
  • Women, Trans or gender non-conforming: 52% of attendees
  • Person of color, indigenous: 33% of attendees
  • Unaffiliated, community-based organization/NGO: 33% of attendees
  • New GOSHers (haven’t attended previous GOSH event) – 62.5% of attendees