Open Science Hardware Projects

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Project NameLinkCategory
¡Vuela! - Open science with drones - Ciencia libre con droneshttp://vuela.ccDrones
OpenDrop, Liquid Handling
OpenFlexure Microscope Printable, Microscopy
MACA - Open Air Quality Monitor Quality
DropBot, Liquid Handling
Open Fibre Spectrometry
Hacking Ecology Quality, Multiparameter
DIY Microscopy
DIY Incubator
DVD Laser Scanner Microscope, Microscopy
Hard Drive Centrifuge Handling
Turbidity Meter Quality
DIY NanoDrop
Single Photon Generator and Detector
High Voltage Power Supply Supply
Laser Cut Microscopy Stages
Spin Coater Film
Biropette Printable, Liquid Handling
Hiseq2000 Hacking
Laser Tweezer, Tweezers
Zeiss Slide Holder Printable, Microscopy
OpenTrons Handling, Robotics
DIY BioPrinter Printer, Biomaterials
CellStruder Printable, Liquid Handling
Wind Direction Anemometer Printable, Weather Monitoring

If you are interested in adding to the list of projects, you can make changes here (read the readme before making changes).

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