GOSH Roadmap mentioned on BBC Radio 4 ‘Inside Science’

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Jenny Molloy appeared on BBC Radio 4’s Inside Science with Adam Rutherford on Thursday 23 Nov to discuss synthetic biology and democratisation, including the need for open source technologies and the efforts of the Global Open Science Hardware community to draft a roadmap to make this happen!

Listen to the episode below! (Download Here- – segment starts at 14 min)

What does the future hold for synthetic biology? Who will be the practitioners of this fast-growing branch of bioengineering and what will be its impact on the world – for good and possibly ill? Experts in the field have just published a horizon-scanning report in the journal eLife. One of its authors, Jenny Molloy of the University of Cambridge, talks to Adam about the nascent democratisation of the discipline and where this might lead the field and society.

Wintle, Bonnie C., Christian R. Boehm, Catherine Rhodes, Jennifer C. Molloy, Piers Millett, Laura Adam, Rainer Breitling et al. “A transatlantic perspective on 20 emerging issues in biological engineering.” eLife 6 (2017). https://dx.doi.org/10.7554%2FeLife.30247

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