Open Science Hardware highlighted in new paper from STEPS on ‘Open and Collaborative Developments’

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In a  recent working paper from the STEPS Centre, open science hardware is highlighted as an example of an experiment in radical open and collaborative knowledge production. GOSH alumni Tom Baden, Andre Chagas and their TReND collaborators work on construction of low cost, open scientific equipment for developing countries gets a particular mention! The paper looks at the potential for open and collaborative practices for development but also challenges and critiques which are all highly relevant for the open science hardware community, including:

  • Stickiness of knowledge
  • Depths and forms of participation
  • Tensions between productive collaboration and diversity of actors
  • Expertise. hierarchy and power structures and whether these are revolutionised, unchanged or strengthened
  • Appropriation of open knowledge
  • Role of traditional institutions

Take a look at the full publication below:

van Zwanenberg, Patrick, Mariano Fressoli, Valeria Arza, Adrian Smith, and Anabel Marin. “Open and Collaborative Developments.” (2017).
Licensed under CC-BY-NC-ND 3.0 

There is also a blog post summarising the work at the STEPS Centre website.


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