Journal Special Issue on Open Source Tools in Systems Neuroscience

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Figure 5 from Siegle et al, 2017. Licensed under CC-BY 3.0

Caleb Kemere, Rice University has guest edited a special issue of the Journal of Neural Engineering on ‘Open Source Tools in Systems Neuroscience‘. From the introduction:

The open source movement is often associated with free or low cost solutions. This special issue highlights how community-developed projects can broaden access to experimental paradigms that are at the core of neural data acquisition and systems neuroscience. Beyond low-cost, these projects demonstrate how access to software source-code and modifiable hardware designs is enabling cutting-edge experiments including closed-loop manipulations and optical neural recording. We hope that by presenting these projects we will facilitate growth in their development communities as well as inspiring others to consider curating and founding open source communities around tools they develop in their laboratories. The following articles are the first accepted contributions to the special issue and more are to follow as they are accepted.

The issue features hardware and software from microscopes to EEGs.

Open Ephys electroencephalography (Open Ephys  +  EEG): a modular, low-cost, open-source solution to human neural recording
Christopher Black et al 2017 J. Neural Eng. 14 035002

An open source, wireless capable miniature microscope system
William A Liberti III et al 2017 J. Neural Eng. 14 045001

Open Ephys: an open-source, plugin-based platform for multichannel electrophysiology
Joshua H Siegle et al 2017 J. Neural Eng. 14 045003

Falcon: a highly flexible open-source software for closed-loop neuroscience
Davide Ciliberti and Fabian Kloosterman 2017 J. Neural Eng. 14 045004

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