Public Lab: OpenHour on Facilitation Techniques and Resources

Jenny MolloyGOSH! News

GOSH 2017 co-organiser Max Liboiron, Safety Officer Klie Kliebert and attendee Maria Frangos participated in a Public Lab Open Hour on facilitation techniques back in June. As this topic is so important to GOSH and GOSHers we thought you might be interested to watch the recording of the session!

From Public Lab:

On the front lines of environmental struggles, pressure is high, collaboration is necessary, and plans and decisions need to be made. Good facilitation techniques in meetings and in strategy development can make all the difference. Among other things, good facilitation can help people to stay on topic, be heard, make decisions, and ensure that everyone has a safe space to contribute. In this OpenHour we talking about facilitation techniques and hearing from individuals who employ different styles of facilitation in their efforts.

Speaker Bios:

Maria Frangos: I am a user experience designer engaged in both practice-based work and design research activities. I am committed to open and collaborative processes that promote the creation of freely accessible technologies and knowledge. My work is concerned with facilitating design processes, translating stakeholder needs and transferring / sharing knowledge. I believe that through these efforts, designers can foster trust, while empowering individuals in the co-creation process.

Max Liboiron: Max directs the Civic Laboratory for Environmental Action Research (CLEAR), a feminist marine science laboratory dedicated to monitoring pollution and decolonizing science.

Klie Kliebert: Klie is the Operations Manager for Public Lab and has experience in Social Work and group facilitation in various settings. Klie has co-drafted multiple Codes of Conduct and is currently the Safety Officer for GOSH (Gathering for Open Science Hardware). They are also a member of Trans*Visible, an extensive network of transgender, gender nonconforming, and nonbinary trainers/facilitators/space holders across the United States, and were invited to attend the OpenHouse Summit as a leader who is advocating for inclusive uses of open source that serves diverse populations. Klie is dedicated to equitable space-making in tech and throughout the open source movement.