People-led Research: A strange, sleeping giant – Greg Austic

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Greg facilitating the values session at GOSH 2017 with fellow GOSH Manifesto convenor, Max Liboiron

#GOSH2017 organizer Greg Austic reflects on the uprising of people-led research with some familiar examples from around the open science hardware community. Read the full post here.

Most progress is still driven from the top down by organizations — and ultimately funders. Do-gooders trying to do good, because good just won’t happen on it’s own (I know, I’m one of them). Our big goal is that everyone, everywhere is conscious and confident of their ability to engage difficult questions using the tools of science and inquiry. Specifically that everyone has the capacity, knowledge, and reach to do meaningful science and research regardless of location, class, or education. Supporting this capacity is the mission of GOSH, and many others in the open science community.

Greg Austic

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