GOSH features in Guardian article on the open hardware revolution

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GOSH2016_gahteringWe got a mention in The Guardian Science section in a great article by Adrian Smith ( Science Policy Research Unit, University of Sussex) and Mariano Fressoli (CONICET, Argentina) asking ‘Can the open hardware revolution help to democratise technology?

We sadly weren’t mentioned by name but it was definitely us…

“CERN is home to some of the largest and most complex scientific equipment on the planet. Yet back in March, scientists gathered there for a conference about DIY laboratory tools. Scientists in poorly funded labs, particularly in the global south, have used DIY tools for many years. But well-resourced institutes are increasingly interested in the collaborative possibilities of open labware. Citizen scientists are also using it to build instruments for tasks like environmental monitoring, which can then be used to support community demands for justice from polluters.”

The article goes on to describe the broader open hardware movement and ends with some points about the political and social aspects of open hardware that resonate strongly with the GOSH Manifesto:

“It is important to keep sharp open hardware’s more transformational edges, on agendas such as dismantling intellectual property and releasing investment for alternative business models. Only through a mix of craft, politics, and the support of social movements, will open hardware fully realise its potential to democratise technology.”

Read the full article at The Guardian >>

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