Echopen looking for app developer (potential for residency)

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Echopen is working towards a low-cost, open-source ultrasound stethoscope for healthcare professionals, that connects to a smartphone or tablet. We’re an open-source, collaborative community, led by a core of multidisciplinary specialists and top level professionals.

Many specialists claim the ultrasound scanner is the stethoscope of the twenty-first century. So why isn’t an ultrasound device in every clinician’s pocket? Moving from stethoscope to ultrasound scanner, we move from sound to imaging, from hearing to seeing. An image of the inside of the body is created by the reflection of ultrasound waves as they pass through the various tissues. It’s a popular and almost harmless diagnostic tool, but it’s currently owned by large medical equipment manufacturers.

Echopen aims to hack ultrasound technology to create open and affordable ultrasound stethoscopy for all. Unlike conventional ultrasound imaging, Echopen’s ultrasound stethoscopy aims at multipurpose diagnosis orientation rather than specialized diagnosis. This makes its usage quite universal.

Contact the team through their website for more details.

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