TReND in Africa launch

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The FlyPi Microscope

The FlyPi Microscope is a spin-off project of TReND in Africa. They present their designs and modifications of Free and Open Source Hardware projects specifically intended to be used in a scientific lab or research setting.

Check out the various projects including:



From the team:

Open Labware has the potential to lead to a true democratisation of science research and education. The low costs and easy online availability of designs mean that access to lab equipment becomes largely independent of major financial backing. Instead, the know-how and time to assemble and invent designs are the main driving force.

While this principally attractive for any researcher or educator, two main scenarios stand out: Science education in general, and scientific research in financially disadvantaged labs worldwide. However, it is typically exactly these scenarios where knowledge and training in effecive use of 3-D printing and off-the-shelf electronics is particularly sparse. Here, with just a little training and the promotion of available technologies and online resources educators and scientists can be given a powerful set of tools to take their scientific future into their own hands.

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