Community calls

GOSH community calls are virtual meetings aimed to learn about the activities and projects of GOSHers around the world, discuss interesting Open Science Hardware topics and make things easier for those interested in joining GOSH.

The calls usually consist of a 20 minute presentation of projects or topics followed by discussion, and some time for introductions/community announcements.

The time of the meetings changes from call to call in order to give equal chance of joining to GOSHers all around the world.

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You can find the notes of previous meetings here:

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Month Date Time (UTC) Topic Presenter
March Thursday 7th 11:00 Soil cromatrography (FC) – The new SI: The world just redefined the way we define our units (JS) Fernando Castro / Julian Stirling
April Thursday 11th 15:00 Vuela project: Lessons Learned (PB) – HiSeq project (K) – Live report from AfricaOSH Paz Bernaldo / Kaspar / AfricaOSHers
June Thursday 4th 13:00 GOSH Great Lakes Greg Austic
August Tuesday 27th 10:00 DIY Labware: Promoting Open Science Hardware among Ghanaian Academics Victor Kumbol
October Friday 4th 14:00 Open Hardware Leaders: an OHW mentoring program from Mozilla José Urra
November Tuesday 19th 19:00 Hacking Ecology: Building open source water monitoring systems with researchers and communities Saulo Jacques
December Tuesday 17th 22:00 TBD TBD